Ponygirl comic gallery

ponygirl comic gallery  ponygirl comic gallery
This comic is a must for any collection and will keep you reading it again and again!

The birthday gift 8 - the favorite by Erenisch

Babysitting horror games by Moffett

Starlet tryout by Feather

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What can be more fascinating than an immoveable motherfucker desperate of the state and having not a single thing to do than obey every game play and touch of the beastly master? Certainly the unlimited brutality and violence tormenting the bondaged son of a bitch almost till death. The ponygirl comic gallery show you the full collection of every possible mode of tormenting with terrible penetration and fisting, snapping and whipping, paying especial attention to cocks and slits as this flesh is most sensitive to every brutal touching. Being not capable to refuse the terrible performance the strivers are frantically go through the intolerable hurting of excruciates and crazys ! The masters getting the high delight of their execution shiver of the single idea of the endless power and strength driving the striver mad. The ambience is pierced with passionate tenseness of spicy lech seeking out the way out . The slaves moan of joy being shut in this lethal dungeon of raging passionate performances !.