Erenisch of Art

Your fuckhole's still in good fuckable condition, Carol...
It's hard to believe that you once pushed our beautiful Maggie out of this cunt of yours.
you must be proud, she has become a very attractive young lady... Don't you think so, Molly?
Oh yes, my master... We all love Maggie here in this house...
Actually, we all love her hard and long, again and again in every corner of this house... ah-hah-haa
Wow, that was so great... Actually, this whore's ass reminded me another ass I fucked recently...
Oh yes... It was her little daughter, Maggie! Oh, how good that was... the little slut was crying,
moaning, screaming and begging me to stop whipping her as I porked her tight little ass for hours...

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sluts in training part 1 family slave set

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